About Us

Lebanese cuisine provides a variety of dishes that are made with a unique but diverse set of ingredients. At Maaloufs, we believe that part of our role is to encourage and share the food of Lebanon and the Middle-East. Lebanese cooking still revolves around a core set of ingredients, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity.From fresh bread to fragrant spices it is a cuisine that epitomises authenticity ,and when something is done right from the start,there’s a reason that it doesn’t need to change! If you are interested in indulging in Authentic Middle-Eastern food then Maaloufs, can gladly provide a memorable meal.  We are here to provide you with a culinary experience like no other, we’re sure that you’ll be enchanted by the flavours of Lebanon.
Sahtan! (Lebanese word for – enjoy your meal)

Fun fact

Lebanese cuisine is among the healthiest food in the world because of their ingredients and the way they cook their food. Health Line puts Lebanese food in #10 for the world’s top healthiest cuisines because of their low-fat options such as hommus, tabbouleh and other dips and salads.

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